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Hyperspectral Workflow

Thursday, November 19 1:00 pm EST
Passcode: 759941
Incorporating a hyperspectral image processing pipeline into our current cyberinfrastructure and getting it to function for 100 Tb of hyperspectral data collected by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) by Headwall, for the purpose of correcting radiometric signals found in data in order to produce more useful maps. In addition, high performance computing (HPC) is used to greatly improve the speed that the raw sensor data can be turned into useful maps. Furthermore, processing the pipeline occurs on the Advanced Computing Group (ACG) server cluster and the programming language that is used to incorporate the hyperspectral image processing pipeline is python.
University of Maine
Computer Applications
Tolu Oyeniyi
Student, University of Maine
Northeast Cyberteam
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