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Quantum Architectures at Goodwill Computing Lab

VERITAS: Accurately Estimating the Correct Output on Noisy Intermediate-State Quantum Computers

Goodwill Computing Lab is designing novel methods to improve the operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of large-scale parallel computing systems and quantum computing systems. We develop new analytical models, tools, and devise novel techniques that improve the reliability, power-efficiency, and resource-utilization of large-scale data-centric systems. Our techniques and tools benefit many large-scale data-intensive applications that produce, analyze, and manage terabytes of data per day on large supercomputers. We also enthusiastically apply resilience, high performance computing, and data analytics expertise to emerging inter-disciplinary research domains.

Devesh Tiwari
Devesh is the Director of the Goodwill Computing Lab at Northeastern University (Boston, USA), where his group focuses on improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of high performance computing and storage systems, more recently of quantum computing systems.
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