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Northeast Cyberteam

Replay of Julie Ma's State of the Practice talk at SC20 entitled "Northeast Cyberteam: Methods, Results and Expansion via the Connect.CI Portal"

Computing has become an essential component of research and education for nearly every scientific discipline. Meeting the need for research computing facilitators (RCFs) - support staff who can help faculty make the best use of available computing resources - is a significant challenge for small and mid-sized institutions that do not have the critical mass to build teams of RCFs on site. The NSF-sponsored Northeast Cyberteam is addressing this challenge by building a process by which research computing facilitators can be shared across institutional boundaries while also developing self-service tools that reduce the support burden.

Northeast Cyberteam
Steering Committee
Clockwise from top right:
John Goodhue, MGHPCC
Scott Valcourt, NEU
Julie Ma, MGHPCC
Bruce Segee, UMaine
Adrian Del Maestro, UTK
Ralph Zottola, UAB
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Northeast Cyberteam
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Visibility Estimation through Image Analytics (VEIA)
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