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Simulating Large Biomolecular Assemblies

MGHPCC resources enable the simulation of virus maturation, which suggests new treatment strategies.

MGHPCC has enabled thousands of simulations of the ribosome, which have revealed new antibiotic targets.

Simulations of molecules in nanopores are guiding development of ultra-sensitive nanodevices.
The Whitford group develops and applies a broad range of simulation stategies to study complex biomolecular assemblies, such as the ribosome and viruses. By integrating numerous tools, these studies aim to reveal how specific intermolecular interactions give rise to biological dynamics and disease.
Paul Whitford
Professor Whitford received his graduate training in the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics at UC San Diego. He was then a Director's Postdoctoral fellow at Los Alamos, where he applied HPC to study biomolecular dynamics. At NU, his group has become well known for their studies of the ribosome and other molecular assemblies.
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